EagleHawk recently added three team members for the roles of Chief Financial Officer, Marketing Manager and Sales Manager.

“We’re very excited to start expanding our team in Buffalo and Syracuse,” said Patrick Walsh, Chief Executive Officer and co-Founder at EagleHawk. “We are growing rapidly, which means that we are looking to hire key talent to meet a number of operational and strategic goals. We are fortunate to have access to an already deep pool of talented candidates in Upstate and Western New York and we are confident that the social and lifestyle perks of living in these great areas will be a great recruiting tool for outside candidates looking to relocate here.”

Jonathan Byrd joined EagleHawk as Chief Financial Officer & SVP of Business Strategy. Byrd began his career as a civilian engineer for the U.S. Air Force before joining Lockheed Martin as an operations engineer where he held a variety of leadership roles in production and manufacturing. He subsequently held a variety of roles in finance, consulting and business strategy before joining EagleHawk. Byrd holds bachelor’s degrees in computer and electrical engineering from West Virginia University and a master’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of Central Florida. He also holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. Byrd is based out of EagleHawk’s Buffalo and Syracuse offices.

Jessica Collins joined EagleHawk as Marketing Manager. Previously, she worked for Aspen Dental Management, Inc. as Recruitment Marketing and Employer Brand Manager. She also worked as a Content Marketing Coordinator for Barclay Damon and as a Staff Writer for SportsBusiness Daily. Collins holds a bachelor’s degree in media and marketing from Ithaca College. Collins is based out of EagleHawk’s Syracuse office.

Andrew Herr joined EagleHawk as Sales Manager. Previously, he worked for EquipSystems as Account Development Manager. Herr holds a bachelor’s degree in public communications from Buffalo State College. Herr is based out of EagleHawk’s Buffalo office.

EagleHawk is currently in the GENIUS NY accelerator and won a $500,000 award in 2019 to continue developing its software and intelligent algorithm solutions for facility managers to better manage the maintenance and repair of their roofs, district heating systems, solar panel installations, and other large-scale facility assets. EagleHawk plans to continue to add to its team in Buffalo and Syracuse throughout 2019 and into 2020.

EagleHawk is the leading provider of information services using drones and thermal imaging technology. We specialize in delivering full-service inspection solutions for commercial roofs, bridges, solar panels, building envelopes, facades, district heating systems, and more. We work with commercial clients across the US, helping them reduce risk by implementing a proactive approach for managing these large-scale assets. Founded in 2016, we saw an opportunity where traditional inspection methods are often ineffective and expensive. Until EagleHawk, there hasn’t been a cost-effective way to accurately assess the condition of these areas on a regular basis. We are committed to helping our clients make better-informed decisions when managing their assets using quantitative data, expert analysis and georeferenced imagery.