Enormously reduce the time and monetary investment in the site survey process  

– for every project.


Companies who use EagleHawk will carry out more survey projects in the same amount of time, and will do so having a more qualitative data set, making it possible to conduct better, more thorough planning and site analysis.

By precisely stitching hundreds of georeferenced images taken from a properly planned drone flight, we can quickly render accurate, beautiful and current map overlays at <2cm/pixel.

Using drone data we can identify potential areas of vegetation health deficiencies.

Using data obtained from drones we can generate elevation contour data suitable for site survey, planning and development.

Easy Integration with your Existing Systems


* Your data delivered the way you need it     |     .OBJ     .LAS     .SHP     .JPEG     .TIF   .DXF *

EagleHawk's mapping operations save time and money

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