Aerial Infrared Roof Inspections

EagleHawk provides fast service, reliable data, and state-of-the art reporting on the condition of your commercial roof. EagleHawk is an industry leader when it comes to offering an accurate, safe, and innovative inspection process of your roof using drones and thermal imaging technology and analysis.


District Heating System Inspections

EagleHawk collects and analyzes both visual and thermal data of heated piping networks to assess the overall performance and identify leaks within a system. EagleHawk’s method is safer and has proven that routine assessments can save a great deal of physical and financial resources, as well as improve the energy efficiency of a system.


Building Envelope and Facade Inspections

EagleHawk completes multi-building and multi-level (high-rise) exterior building envelope and detailed facade inspections using drones and high-definition cameras. EagleHawk inspections are safer and more efficient than traditional inspection methods.


Aerial Data Collection for Mapping and Survey

EagleHawk has collected high resolution imagery and mapped tens of thousands of acres of the earth using drones for numerous mapping purposes and projects.

  • Change Detection

  • Damage Assessments and Inspections

  • Elevation Data / topography

  • Updated high resolution ortho-imagery



EagleHawk pushes the limits of technology and integration by finding new ways to utilize drones through specialized sensor integration on UAV’s.

EagleHawk conducts drone-enabled mapping and inspection operations for utility companies including:

  • Right of ways (ROW) mapping

  • Aerial methane leak detection

  • Pipeline integrity inspection


Aerial Photography and Videography

EagleHawk captures and produces high quality marketing material for its clients. EagleHawk has worked with dozens of organizations on media projects, been featured on PBS and WGRZ as well as numerous client websites and hosting channels.


3D Models, Point Clouds, CAD & GIS files

EagleHawk will enhance your project management operations and enable key stakeholders to make better decisions throughout a project life-cycle. EagleHawk offers drone powered data and design solutions for Architects and Engineers.


Real Estate & Property Marketing

EagleHawk has partnered with 2 Find Your Home and the Buffalo Niagara Association of REALTORS to provide and end-to-end marketing solution for Real Estate professionals in Upstate New York. EagleHawk & 2 Find Your Home offer high quality and professional media and marketing services to Realtors looking for an edge in the highly competitive real estate market.