EagleHawk FAQs

What is EagleHawk?

EagleHawk is the leading provider of information services using drones and thermal imaging technology. We specialize in delivering full-service inspection solutions for commercial roofs, bridges, solar panels, building envelopes and facades, district heating systems, and more. We work with commercial, government, and non-profit clients across the US, helping them reduce risk by implementing a proactive approach for managing these large-scale assets. Founded in 2016, we saw an opportunity where traditional inspection methods are often ineffective and expensive. Until EagleHawk, there hasn’t been a safe and cost-effective way to accurately assess the condition of these areas on a regular basis. We are committed to helping our clients make better-informed decisions when managing their assets using quantitative data, expert analysis and georeferenced imagery.

How does it work?

EagleHawk will work closely with your facility team to compile all the necessary background and logistical information to plan the data collection flights. This mission planning process involves close coordination with your organization’s safety and policy compliance departments to ensure that the proper procedures and communication plans are followed. EagleHawk will take the necessary steps to ensure that the proper FAA flight clearances are obtained in advance and, if applicable, will coordinate with your onsite team and local flight control authorities throughout the data collection process.

On the day of the data collection flights, EagleHawk’s team of expert pilots will arrive at your facilities with all the equipment and tools necessary to complete inspections in a timely and efficient manner. Using professional drones and sensor equipment, the team will capture dozens of images of each asset during two separate flight missions – one flown during the day and a second flown in the evening.

Once all of the necessary data has been collected, our team of expert analysts will analyze the images and supporting data and generate a comprehensive final report that is easy to read and navigate with an interactive dashboard. The final report will detail the condition of each asset, indicate whether follow-up maintenance is recommended, and specify the exact location and scale of any areas of concern.

What services does EagleHawk provide?

We specialize in delivering full-service inspection solutions for commercial roofs, solar panels, building envelopes, facades, district heating systems, and bridges for governments and municipalities, public and private academic institutions, medical institutions, large retail developments, property management companies, and more.

What type of clients does EagleHawk provide services to?

EagleHawk works with commercial, government, and non-profit clients across the US. We provide services and solutions for governments and municipalities, public and private academic institutions, medical institutions, large retail developments, property management companies, and more.

What are the benefits of drone-enabled inspections compared to traditional inspection methods?

Drone-enabled inspections are safer, more efficient, more cost-effective, and provide a complete and detailed overview of a facility, both with visual and thermal imaging.

Traditional inspection methods are time consuming, have safety concerns, are not cost-effective, lack flexibility to provide a thorough inspection, and lack detailed data on the condition of a facility.

Does EagleHawk operate under FAA 14 CFR Part 107 Rule Set?

Yes, all pilots are licensed, insured, have an sUAS pilot certificate, and have completed the aeronautical knowledge exam administered by the FAA.

What other unique services does EagleHawk provide?

EagleHawk is a proud supporter of local communities and events, such as the Erie County Fair. EagleHawk has been a proud sponsor and partner of the Fair since 2017, providing aerial mapping, photography, videography and more.

Since 2018, EagleHawk has teamed with Hydroplane Racing League as the official drone services provider for high-speed boat racing events – Thunder on the Niagara and HydroFest. EagleHawk uses multiple drones and high-definition cameras to support the HRL judges by providing live video feeds over the race course which help judges to identify lane infractions, catch false starts, review instant replays, and serve as an emergency eye in the sky.

What is the company history?

EagleHawk was founded in 2016 in Buffalo, NY by Patrick Walsh and Will Schulmeister.

Patrick graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology and holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering as well as an MBA from Rollins College. Patrick spent most of his career with Lockheed Martin in Orlando, FL working with advanced thermal imaging systems for fighter aircraft and helicopters before relocating back to Upstate New York.  

Will graduated from the University at Buffalo with a Master’s Degree in Geographic Data Science and also holds degrees in Economic Crime Investigation, Geography and Social Science. Will previously held professional roles in private security and investigations, as well the property insurance and inspections services industries.

Both natives of Buffalo, Patrick and Will were connected thanks to their entrepreneurial spirits and mutual passion for drones and technology. Both knew that drones were rapidly becoming an emerging industry and wanted to combine their backgrounds and skill sets to create a niche within the space. That’s when EagleHawk was born.  

Who is on EagleHawk’s team?

EagleHawk has six full time employees to manage the daily operations and loves offering internships to aspiring students who are passionate about drone technology and want to be a part of this exciting and emerging community.

Learn more about EagleHawk team members here.

How can I get in touch with EagleHawk?

Contact EagleHawk at 716.810.1042 or email support@eaglehawkllc.com.

Can I follow or connect with EagleHawk on social media?

Yes, you can follow or connect with EagleHawk on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.